Tuesday, September 4, 2012

YOU make it possible!

Without volunteers (you know who you are and we THANK YOU) we would not be able to offer such an array of programs. For example, the Curious George Cottage Family Festival took 52 fabulous volunteers to make it happen, from working the ticket booth, drawing Curious Characters, to dressing up as Curious George. This festival is our biggest fundraiser, which helps us achieve our mission to bring art, science, and nature programs to people of all ages. 

However, the festival is only one day out of the year and we are open year round, so volunteers are critical the rest of the year too. I will share a few things that our volunteers are doing. Every Saturday we have Curious George Story Time and Cottage Open Hours. Our story time volunteers enjoy brightening young children’s day by reading the Reys’ books and sharing some laughs at George’s adventures. 

Being a cottage host entails soaking up the relaxing atmosphere of the Reys’ former summer home, visiting with folks, sharing the Reys’ story & our mission, and watching the birds & butterflies in the garden. I know that sounds like hard work:) We also have volunteers that share their love of astronomy during our Dark Sky Stargazing programs and others who share their interest in the health of our rivers during Water Watchers. 

It takes people like you, who believe in our mission to inspire curiosity and discovery, and who donate their time and talent to make everything you love about the Rey Center possible. If you have a skill or interest that you want to share with the Rey Center please contact the volunteer coordinator, Leigh Ann Reynolds. You can email her at lareynolds@thereycenter.org or call 603-236-3308.